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Monday, February 14, 2011

Spring Jacket

I know it sounds crazy that I'm thinking about Spring right now since I know most are still reeling from that crazy snow storm a little bit ago, but I live in South Carolina and it was 70 degrees today. I'm sorry, I'm not bragging!

Anyway it's getting too warm already for Evie to wear her fleece coat I made her so I decided it was time to make her a spring jacket. I bought this pattern from Etsy and I cannot praise it enough. (I didn't get any compensation for saying that) 

Besides the fact that the pattern only costs $6 and you get the pattern ages 1-6. I can totally see myself making a coat for Evie every year as she gets bigger! It was so easy! You guys know I'm pretty beginner and I found it so easy to follow and all the sewing and construction was very basic!

It has an adorable collar and it's fully lined! It was definitely a great learning experience for me since lining things makes me nervous!

Wanna know the best part? The red outer fabric was the basic broadcloth from Hobby Lobby. It was on sale for like $1 a yard and this is a 2T which took around 1.5 yards. The lining fabric is from Walmart and was $3 a yard, also using about 1.5 yards.

Guess what else?!? It's reversible!!! I just have to buy some more white buttons and sew them directly opposite the ones already there and I can flip it to the floral side for a little more pattern!

I had never done buttonholes before this but I got out my manual and some practice fabric and went to town! It was so easy (on my machine that is!) but there will definitely be more buttonhole projects in my future now!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful Valentine's day filled with people you love! My husband and I are having a dorky Valentine's day with pizza, Super Mario Galaxy 2 and X-men. Yes, I am a total dork. I'll understand if you don't wanna hang out anymore! ;)


  1. Tay I just looked at all your stuff. You are so freakin TALENTEDDDD!!!
    LOVE IT ALL! everything looks great. Love you!

  2. Adorable !!! Can't wait to see how cute the other side is too :)

  3. So pretty! Your daughter is small Ledy!

  4. I have been looking for a reversible jacket pattern for my little girls. Thanks for sharing, I'm off to etsy to buy one now!

  5. you are awesome and an inspiration! had my first sewing lesson today with some girls in our ward :)

  6. Oh man!!! I have never made a fully-lined jacket before!!! you are amazing! I totally want to make this now! except that we are moving to warm warm florida... So cute! and your potholders are beautiful!

  7. This is so, so cute! I looove the fabric you used for the lining!

  8. What an adorable jacket! Perfect for Valentine's Day!

  9. How adorable! I can't believe you MADE this. And the baby is so cute too!

    Warmly, Michelle