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Friday, February 4, 2011

Covered Button Earrings Tutorial


I picked up a button cover kit because I wanted to have them on hand to make matching buttons when I start my next shirt for Evie. If you have a child, you understand that you never know when you're gonna get that chance so you need to have everything already right?!?

When I was getting dressed this morning I put on my chunky green necklace and realized I didn't have matching earrings for it! I knew I had (pretty close) to matching fabric and thought "Why don't I make earrings with the button covers!"

I think you guys are gonna like this project a lot! It's very customizable to whatever your preference is. I picked up the button cover kit at Walmart for around $1.30 and the cool thing is they make these button kits in tons of different sizes, so if you want them a little smaller or even bigger than these you can choose whatever you like! Cool huh?!?

This is the perfect scrap busting project too because who doesn't have a bag filled with scraps that you can't bring yourself to throw away? Plus you can get all the stuff you need at Walmart!

Ok, enough chattin' ya up about it! Let's get started.

You need:
A scrap of fabric twice the size of your buttons in your kit
A button cover kit
Earring posts (also got mine from Walmart and they come with backs too)
And E6000 glue (I had this from a previous project but trust me, you will use this stuff more often than you think.)
pliers (optional but very helpful)

 Lay your button out on your fabric and cut a circle twice the size of your button. 


Lay your fabric circle over the mold (or white holder thingy if you like scientific terms). Lay your button over the top. Make sure your button is directly center so there's an even amount of excess fabric.

Now take your giant hand (well yours probably isn't giant, just mine) and smoosh (still using scientific terms) the fabric into the center.

See? Smooshed!

Grab your E-6000 glue

And add a dab of glue to the center. This step really holds the button and backer together well and secures the fabric inside our little button sandwich! Also be careful not to add too much glue because this stuff is STRONG (think cement) and you don't really want it on your fingers or oozing out the sides and gluing your button into the mold.

Lay your button back on top

Taking your pusher (their term, not mine) and squish (not smoosh) it down really good. Make sure you spin and push to get every corner secured. You should feel a little click when it locks in. 


Pop your button out of the mold. Doesn't it look great?!?

Take your pliers (scissors also work but don't use your fabric scissors!) and pull the shank out. It will be a little tough to do because of the glue but trust me it's way easier than doing it before you glue it down!

Now you have a flat back to glue your earring post onto.

Dab some E-6000 onto the earring post

Now do the same for the other side and lay them out to dry. They need about 3-4 hours to dry really well.

Then grab some more of your favorite fabric and do it all again! This is my coveted Nicey Jane scrap by Heather Bailey. I love it so much I haven't had the strength to cut into it, but this uses such a small amount I could justify it. ;)


I also found these buttons while I was getting out my supplies and decided they would make super cute earrings so I glued earring posts to those too! 

Can you imagine the possibilities with these?! Any fabric you like in any size earrings you like! So if you want to embroider something cute onto fabric and make it into earrings you can do it! You want to draw on fabric and then make it into earrings? You can do that too! Cool huh?!?

Thanks for stopping by again! It's been amazing having so many sweet comments and followers!  ;)

Have an awesome day!


  1. These are great. So easy too... I just bought some more E6000 glue- hmm I think I need to use it for this...LOL!

  2. Oh I also featured this here:

    have a great week!

  3. absolutely love these! WHY OH WHY DON'T U LIVE NEAR ME!!!! I want to craft with you!!!! ahhh. and can you send me a pinterest invite??
    kaytea81 at

  4. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my Jewelry Tree ... glad you liked it!

    Oh my, I have an obsessions with fabric covered buttons right now ... I made push-pin and magnet versions for my family for Christmas!