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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Love Birds Bib Shirt

Obviously it's no secret at this point that I love bibs on shirts. I think it dresses them up and gives them a touch of vintage. I had this adorable bird fabric that I was dying to use for a little top for Evie. I didn't have much of it so I tried to make it stretch as much as possible.

I felt that the bib needed some dressing up but didn't want to do the typical buttons that I've done before so instead I decided to bust out one of my machine's decorative stitches. I loved this stitch! I felt like it gave a little nod to those vintage Norwegian design. 

I shirred the end of the sleeves....I know big surprise! What can I say? It's easy and gives the sleeves a girlie puff!

I also shirred the button to give it a cute little ruffle and suck it in on Evie's waist.

Even though I think the third line of decorative stitching is off (even though I measured it!) I still really like the shirt. The only problem is I tried to get away with 1/2 yard of this fabric and apparently 1/2 of a yard is not enough to make a 18-24 months size shirt! The sleeves are a little too tight for her and it's just a tiny bit short so this will have to go in the pile of 12 month stuff she's outgrown for the next baby. Sad huh? Oh well, I still like it!

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  1. so adorable!! i love the fabric, great find. you've done it again!