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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sewing Cabinet Makeover

So I've been spending too much time on pinterest lately specifically looking at gorgeously organized craft rooms (my craft rooms pinboard is here) and I decided my fabric needed a beautiful and organized home.

So I scoured thrift stores and craigslist looking for the perfect thing. I finally found a china cabinet on craigslist for $140. It was missing the glass out of the shelves and one knob but I wanted to redo the shelves and knobs anyway.

So I set to work sanding and taking it apart. My wonderful and handy husband helped me pull out the shelves and cut new ones. I did lots more sanding. Then painted it a couple times.

I love the end result!

It was missing one knob and the existing knobs weren't my taste so I ordered these knobs from Walmart for $2.98 a piece.

I think they give them the perfect vintage look!

I lined the backing with this cute wrapping paper I got from World Market using spray adhesive.  I would definitely recommend having another person help you to avoid getting wrinkles and lumps!

I'm still working on organizing it cute but I'll have to post more pictures of my fabric inside. Now to work on the rest of that room! Is it bad that after 9 months of being in our house there are STILL boxes in this room?!?

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you're having a lovely week!