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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Most Recent Projects

I finished up a few projects recently that I thought I would post about. The weather changed really quickly here in South Carolina. We went from 70 to 40 really fast. So one day I realize that I totally don't have a coat for my daughter Evie. I went to a few different stores and found that I would be paying at least $20 for a tiny coat.

After seeing Jess's coat on Craftiness Is Not Optional (LOVE this blog!) I decided to buy the pattern and make one myself.  I have a tendency to build things up all great in my head and then end up falling completely short, so I figured the best way to know I'll love it is to follow what she did do that too sometimes right?!? Maybe?

I cannot tell you how much I loved this pattern! AND it's fully lined! Not only were the directions so clear and easy to follow, but it's just so versatile and really easy to make! I'm a learn-as-you-go sewer and I had no problem with this! Best of all, it just closes with the tie in the front so no scary buttonholes!

p.s. I did not receive any compensation for any of this. I just really loved their pattern!

So while I was strolling through my Walmart a few weeks ago I came across this vintage looking floral fabric and loved it! From Walmart, crazy huh!? Anyway I love vintage style shirts and thought it would be really cute to attempt a bib shirt with some lace I had.
 I shirred the sleeves so they would puff a little. Has anyone tried this? I'm in love with it! It makes it so easy to finish the sleeves off too because you just hem and then shir.

If shirring still scares you, look at this tutorial.

I had a roll of lace I got on sale at Hobby Lobby that I sewed around the bib to give it a more finished look. 

 I lined the neckline and bottom of the shirt with bias tape. 
It was a little bit big for Evie so I shirred a little section on the back to gather it in a little. That way it will grow with her.

I also took the bias tape down the back and made a little button closure so it would fit over her head. Back button closures have become my go-to for baby tops because they are so easy to sew and I don't have to worry about scary buttonholes!

Last, I decided to try my hand at freezer paper stenciling. I wanted a sort of Christmas looking shirt without making it Christmas exclusive. I took a little grey tee from Old Navy and cut out a deer outline from freezer paper. I used Tulip brand fabric paint after ironing on the freezer paper stencil. I used 3 layers of paint to give it a well saturated layer.

Note: When you wash freezer paper stenciled shirts, put them on LOW heat in the dryer and only for a few minutes. If you leave it in too long the paint with melt a little and stick together, ruining the shirt. I learned this one the hard way.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day! ;)


  1. so cool! freezer paper is so the new black. ;)

  2. Well - all of these are adorable! Loving that vintage bib shirt! LC

  3. LOVE the fabric for your vintage bib shirt! Your daughter is to die for cute!

    Chea from

  4. Ok I want the top one in big people's size. So cute.