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Friday, January 14, 2011

Testing one...two...testing

Hello there!

My name is Taylor. 

I'm just like every one of you....probably. I had a baby, then started sewing and now want to show people what I made. Only problem is, I am a stay at home mom so I don't go out a ton and when I do we are usually trying to get things done so I don't get to walk up to random strangers and ask "Do you like this? I made it!" and receive all kinds of praise, roses, admirers and what have you.

What it really comes down to is that I wanted a place to put things that I make. One so that I can keep track of it, and two so that I have a place to link up to all these cute link parties and things. You understand right? You probably did the same thing too.

Anyway, I wanted a little space of blogland to put my success so successes. I'm not expecting a bunch of followers or anything. Just a place to organize and catalog progress (okay and maybe show off a little too!) I am completely new to sewing so some things go heinously wrong, while others I actually get to be proud of. You will probably see a good bit of both!

Either way I really love sewing things for my daughter. And as cheesy as it is, I do it with Sew Much Love.


  1. howdy! I'm a follower of kojo designs and clicked on your comment thinking you might have some tutorials for me to use...I just wanted to say good luck and I'll add you to my list...I hope to create a blog this year some time. Hope you have a fantabulous start to a wonderful blog!!
    SA TX

  2. Thanks Ruthie! I'm working on getting some stuff up and running soon!

    Let me know when you start yours too! Thanks for stopping by!