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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Getting over my fear of knits

So this project stemmed from the first idea going kind of wrong. Originally the whole shirt was the black and white stripe but being still pretty new with knits, things went great until I got to the neckline and it started lettucing...bad.

So I scrapped it and salvaged the little puff sleeves and cut up a black tee I was going to throw out anyway. It felt like it needed a splash of color so I made a little yellow rosette. There are tons of tutorials out there for this, i'm sure you know a good one! I just kind of twisted it around a little while I worked it around the center.

 Of course I couldn't resist shirring the sleeves again to help it poof out. I really love shirring the case you haven't figured that out.

Please ignore my filthy windows! I have dogs AND a toddler at that height!

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  1. What a cute black and white combo! I just started sewing knits too and I learned that a stretch-stitch (looks like a crooked zig-zag stitch) helps it not "lettuce". It's helped a lot because I've wanted to stop projects altogether and didn't understand how to make a proper hem :) Please add this to my linky party! I love it!