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Friday, April 12, 2013

IKEA Dresser To Ombre Dresser

I can't believe how long it's been since I've last blogged! I am not great at time management so I'm finding it harder and harder to get projects in lately! Anyone else have this problem?!?

So I've been (slowly!) working on my sewing space and I've been working on more storage for all my craft supplies. I was inspired by this picture:

I knew I wanted to do something similar in the sewing room and while I was walking through IKEA one day my answer came in the form of the RAST Dresser.

It's solid pine and $35!

Like all other IKEA items it requires a bit of assembly but it wasn't difficult and because it's pine I didn't have to sand it which was super exciting for me!

So I popped over to Home Depot and grabbed a color sample card that had a gradient I liked and got the small samples of each.

I can't remember exactly how much each sample costs but I think it was about $2 each.

I took the drawers out and painted the outside white first with a little help from my special painter.


I'm already loving it in the room and having the extra storage is definitely a plus too!

Thanks for stopping by! Have an awesome weekend!!

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