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Saturday, July 28, 2012

DIY Drum Shade


Our house has a few of those cheap light fixture covers throughout the house and I wanted to change the one in our living room.

I figured a drum shade would be perfect but I wanted one nice and big. I started looking for one and then discovered that an 18 inch drum shade is like $60! So I made one!

I used this tutorial with a few changes. She used a plastic lightening panel to make her diffuser and I just stapled white canvas fabric around the inside of the bottom ring. So far it's holding up very well.

 In the tutorial, she uses 's' hooks to attach it to her light fixture, but my light fixture didn't have that same set up so I had to buy a light kit from Home Depot. It was about $15 but it came with the cap (or "canopy" as I learned it's officially called) and a cord. 

I figured out it cost around $30 to make so it wasn't dirt cheap but it makes a big impact in the room and I got to choose a fabric I loved!

 The fabric on the bottom keeps you from having to look right up into the light bulb and it gives off a nice soft glow. Overall I felt like it was a fairly simple and fun project that makes my living room look a little more finished! So go make over one of your light fixtures!

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. So pretty! I'm going to have to try that because one of our dome lights recently fell and shattered - oops. This would be much cuter than another ugly dome replacement.

  2. Wow! When I saw the picture without reading the text i was thinking you bought the drum! Your projects are so inspiring... And the colors you choose just plain yummy... Going to stroll now and see what you have make :)