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Monday, November 18, 2013

Modern Thanksgiving Mantle

In preparation for Thanksgiving, I decided my mantle needed a makeover and since I had zero Thanksgiving decorations I had to start from scratch.

That's always where the dollar store comes in right? I bought white candles and glass holders from the dollar store and spray painted the candles with gold spray paint.

 In all my pinterest browsing I came across this awesome gold platter from West Elm last year but since it is no longer available, I had to improvise again. I bought a plate from the dollar store and used my silhouette to cut gold vinyl for the plate.

Then I used my silhouette once again to cut some feathers (purchased from the silhouette store) out of cardstock in the colors I wanted to use and just sewed straight through them on my sewing machine.

I found an awesome jar at Target on clearance but I knew I wanted something cool inside it. Fall makes me think about knitted sweaters so I decided to make yarn balls using yarn ($2.50 at Walmart) aluminum foil and hot glue.

You get the idea right? Pretty cheap and simple!

Anyone else been noticing decorative arrows around the internet lately? I've fallen in love with them! So I picked up some wooden dowls, feathers and paints and made some in my colors! It's pretty addicting and I imagine I'll be doing it again in other colors.
All in all it came together pretty fast and I'm so excited about the way it looks! Although now that it's done i'm tempted to move on to Christmas.....

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by!!


  1. This is gorgeous! I love the colors.

  2. These are all so adorable! and I think you need to start blogging again Missy, you are too creative! :)